Commercial Flat Roofs

Our install teams have designed solar grid-tie systems for business and government.
We apply years of experience to our custom system details for the commercial property owner, industrial facility manager, solar farm, or homeowner with a business on their property. Good common sense dictates that economic feasibility be a factor in your solar power business decision.
Grid tie solar electric systems for commercial businesses and government agencies are the fastest growing segment of the solar market worldwide. With net metering programs now approved in most of the U.S. states, thousands of businesses, schools, and government agencies are now experiencing the benefits of solar electricity.
With a 26% Federal tax credit for solar power grid tie systems through 2021.  Now is the time to invest in a solar power system for your facility.  With solar panel warranties of 25 years, solar arrays will stabilize your power costs over that period.
Plus, grid-tie solar systems generate electricity during peak load times, often offsetting higher tier utility rates, enhancing the system's payback time!
Contact to review your power requirements, geographical location, and mounting options to ascertain the best system for your needs. We quickly determine the feasibility and economics of installing a solar grid tie system on your building or property. System design, electrical schematics, and installation support are always provided to our valued customers.

Why should I install a solar power system on my business?

​Return on Investment

With the federal tax credit, available state rebates, and a five year accelerated depreciation of the system value, the return on investment of a large solar power system has never been better. Typical ROI's are 4-8 years. With our financial analysis tools, we can help determine the ROI of a solar power system on your business.

​Stabilize Your Power Costs

With utility rates rising every year, a solar power system can stabilize your power costs. After the system has paid for itself, you are producing free power, lowering the costs of the remaining power you buy from the utility.

​Green Marketing

There's no better way to show your customers that your business cares about the planet than by installing a grid-tie solar system. Many of our customers state the fact that their business is solar powered in all their marketing literature and communications. You can talk about your business minimizing its carbon footprint. If your business is not too power hungry, you can actually become carbon neutral with a solar power system that offsets your carbon footprint 100%.

​Time for a new roof? 

There's no better time to install a solar power system than when you are putting on a new roof. You can drastically lower the cost of your system by using your roofing contractor to install the solar array supports on your underlying building structure. They will seal the supports and warranty their installation for any leaking. Then it's easy to install the array on the supports with your facilities staff or a local electrician.

Office Buildings | Warehouses | Light Manufacturing | Hotels / Motels | Wineries | Golf Resorts & Clubhouses | Banks | Pharmacies| Auto Repair Shops | Community Centers | Schools | Municipal Facilities | Building or Property Owner | Long Term Lessors | Large, open roof or ground space | Facilities Manager capable of managing installation or hiring of electrician for installation |Newer roof built to UBC code with drawings/blueprints for solar support placements| Higher daytime/summertime loads such as manufacturing/production, HVAC.

Solar Farms